Articulating Borescopes Featuring High-Resolution Fiberoptic Image


Titan Tool Supply, Inc., Buffalo, New York, announces the introduction of its new line of TFS4-720 model articulating borescopes. The new borescopes offer a high-resolution, 17,000-element optical fiber imaging bundle to provide superior image quality and feature an objective end tip that can be deflected + 120° in either two-way or four-way articulation by using a control knob next to the eyepiece housing. This lets the user position the borescope for viewing around elbows and bends in the work piece, according to the company.
Titan Tool states that the new TFBS-6 Series borescopes have a direct photo adaptable “C” mount, enabling connection to an industrial video camera without the need for an additional video coupler. In addition, the Tungsten braid sheathing is said to offer better protection and abrasion-resistance than standard sheathing.
Designed for inspecting hard-to-access areas and quality control in aerospace, casting, fleet maintenance, contracting, and general manufacturing applications, the new TFBS-6 borescopes have a diameter of 0.236” (6mm), minimum bend radius of 1.5” (38mm), 20X magnification, 50° field of view, and depth of field from 0.18” to 3” (5mm to 75). Maximum operating temperature is 200°F (90°C). Each model is supplied with a 1W LED handle for illumination.

Three 2-Way models are available in flexible lengths of 40” (1000mm) for $3,570; 60” (1500mm) for $4,260; and 80” (2000mm) for $4,960. Three 4-Way models are available in flexible lengths of 40” (1000mm) for $3,790; 60” (1500mm) for $4,530; and 80” (2000mm) for $5,275. All models can be purchased online at
    Accessories and options include a fiberoptic illuminator with a 150W quartz halogen lamp, fiber bundle to connect the illuminator to the borescope and  90° mirror-tip adapter. A 6W LED battery handle is available as an option.

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