Tyco Electronics Power Systems, Inc. today announced the general availability of the small and powerful 5/3.3Vin Austin PicoTLynx Series, the third generation of the highly successful Austin Lynx™ Series non-isolated dc/dc converters. These new Point-of-Load (POL) modules are designed to provide higher power, higher density, and faster transient response in board mounted power applications. Offering greater flexibility and efficiency for power designers, the 3A and 6A PicoTLynx modules are the first introductions of the TLynx Series. The PicoTLynx Series offers the new Tunable-Loop (patent pending) feature which allows engineers to optimize the control loop to significantly improve transient response and reduce the amount of external filtering. When the control loop is optimized using the Tunable-Loop feature on the 3A and 6A PicoTLynx, load transient response can be improved up to five times (5X) using identical external capacitance. The Tunable-Loop is easy to implement requiring a minimal set of additional low cost components and no additional pins. The PicoTLynx offers the same high efficiency as the Lynx series but with significantly improved thermal performance due to innovations in design and packaging. The 6A PicoTLynx delivers fully rated output current at 85°C with no airflow, enabling designers to take advantage of full power capability of this high-density module. In addition, standard features include programmable output voltages, remote on/off, remote sense, monotonic start up, EZ-SEQUENCE™, over current and over temperature protection. The PicoTLynx, currently available in a small SMT package measuring only 0.48in x 0.48in x 0.25in (12.2mm x 12.2mm x 6.25mm), features the LGA (Land-Grid-Array) interconnect method. Supporting an industrial operation temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, the modules meet EU Directive 2002/95/EC RoHS initiatives as well as industry standard board cleaning processes. “The PicoTLynx, with the patented Tunable-Loop feature, enables engineers to optimize the module and take advantage of faster transient response for end user applications” said Sabi Varma, general manager at Tyco Electronics Power Systems. “We consistently strive to solidify our leadership position in developing a breadth of products that increases value to our users.”
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