AutoBlend™ Complex Mixtures Generator


The AutoBlend™ Complex Mixtures Generator is a multi-channel, computer-controlled blending system that uses permeation tubes to create trace concentration gas mixtures. Component concentrations can be independently varied, making the instrument ideal for sensor testing and methods validation. The AutoBlend™ produces mixtures containing up to 48 compounds. Mixtures can be dry or humidified and can be delivered at up to 20psig pressure. The concentration of each component is traceable to NIST through physical standards.

Permeation tubes installed in each channel emit a small, precisely known flow of each component compound. Permeate from each tube mixes with a carrier gas flow to form a base mixture for each channel. The computer system controls the proportionate combination of flow from the various channels with a precisely controlled dilution flow to form the mixture. Mixture composition can be adjusted to suit application requirements.
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