Automated Packaging Systems Adds New Multi-layer Co-extruder


STREETSBORO, OH - December 17, 2007 – Automated Packaging Systems, the world
leader in high-reliability packaging systems, has recently added a new high-efficiency, blown film extrusion system for creating multi-layer films. This Alpine brand co-extruder is considered one of the most advanced film processing systems in the world and includes many new capabilities that will allow Automated Packaging to offer its customers increased capacity, higher quality bags, and shorter lead times.

This new co-extruder produces film in rolls that are 40 percent larger than standard rolls, which results in more efficient production with fewer splices and less scrap. The system uses a 3-layer process that has precise control over film thickness and custom blends. A high-accuracy laser scanner continuously monitors film thickness and provides the industry’s best quality control.

Advanced programmable controls store batch recipes and special blends for consistent production and minimal downtime between batch runs. The system also has innovative scrap reclamation processes that further improve operating efficiencies.
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