Automated Soldering System


The 3101 Soldering Robot is the only system pre-programmed with all required motions, solder feed, pullback and timing. You simply teach it the first point with the advanced Jog & Teach routine. The electronic fixturing files do the rest! The solder points may be defined with keyboard inputs, built in step and repeat arrays, or a .DXF/.PLT CAD file import. This gives total flexibility to process the most demanding applications with no programming experience required.

The system is constructed on the time proven RP Series robot platform which features preloaded lead screws and ball slides for fast, accurate and rigid performance. A dual memory processor with a Compact Flash Card controls the entire system with advanced motion algorithms. In addition, the machine features full diagnostics and an advanced onboard file management system. The 3101 Robot is available with wire feed or solder paste dispensing technologies.
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