Automatic Spray Gun


Nordson Corporation introduces the new Quattro automatic spray gun, incorporating fast cycling, fine atomization and easy maintenance for higher productivity and improved finish quality in airless painting applications. 

The stainless-steel Nordson Quattro gun can be used for general finishing in either non-circulating or circulating heated airless applications.  It features a four-in-one valve design to enhance automatic color changing without having to reposition the spray gun.  Up to four different colors can be used in the gun, or 3 colors and a flushing solvent.  Quattro guns produce fine atomization and a soft, controllable spray to deliver excellent finish quality with minimal overspray.  Using Nordson nozzles, the gun can provide improved atomization with a wide range of coating materials, including high solids and other difficult-to-spray coatings for minimal paint waste.  An optional Nordson heater is available to reduce and control material viscosity for improved operating performance and efficiency.  

The Quattro gun incorporates a modular design that allows for quick removal of the spray device, facilitating repair and maintenance with minimal downtime.  In addition, the gun’s Teflon®*-coated packing cartridge resists material buildup on the shaft and spring, for easier cleaning and greater durability. The gun’s ball tip and seat design ensures fast, clean on/off operation to eliminate dripping and spitting for reduced rejects, booth cleanup and material costs. Few moving parts ensure ease of installation and operation. The Quattro gun can be mounted on a ½ inch round bar. 


  • fast cycling
  • fine atomization
  • easy maintenance
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