Automation Welding Platform Improves Throughput & Weld Quality


Auto-Continuum 350 and Auto-Continuum 500 MIG welding systems are designed to deliver advanced arc performance to improve throughput and weld quality in demanding automation applications.


Systems feature an adaptive arc for less spatter and improved gap handling, providing increased travel speeds and high-quality welds on a variety of base materials. Power sources provide simple integration with fixed and flexible automation systems.


Integrated Welding Intelligence delivers information to measure and improve the welding operation.



  • Auto-Continuum 350 provides up to 26% more weld power than similar systems and offers 11,000 w (350 amp and 31.5 v at 100% duty cycle)
  • Auto-Continuum 500 delivers up to 18% more weld power, with 19,000 w (500 amp and 39 v at 100% duty cycle
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