Axiom® IM Series Case/Tray Packers designed to maximize adjustability


Douglas’ Axiom® IM Series Case/Tray Packers maximize adjustability with next generation electronic motion control technology. Adjustments for varying product sizes, corrugated blank warp and
machine speeds are completed almost on the fly. Operator and maintenance staff simply access the
program through the HMI and make adjustments to the servo function.
The Axiom® IM features an open design for added convenience when cleaning and accessing
machine components. New product sizes are easily added through the HMI and an electronic
handwheel provides effortless hand cycling when needing to view the entire machine function in slow
motion. Individual servo electronic overloads are easily adjusted as the load changes and can be set
sensitive enough to protect the mechanism and, at times, even the product. Changeovers are
completed in minutes with minimal change parts and customized motion profiles contribute to
superior product and case handling. The Axiom® IM operates at speeds to 45 cases or trays per
minute (application dependent).
A variety of options are offered, including the patented Velocity® High-Speed Product Stacker. The
Velocity® provides continuous product flow to 600 products per minute (application dependent).
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