Back Safety: Lift for Life Video/DVD Training Program


Back injuries are the nation’s number one workplace safety problem and more than one million workers suffer back injuries every year.  Back problems are much easier to avoid than to fix once the damage is done.  Summit introduces its latest release Back Safety: Lift for Life in Video and DVD to help ensure that these problems don’t occur.
Summit’s program is filmed on-site in multiple settings to show a wide variety of real-life scenarios.  Back and spine health is also explained to give employees a deeper knowledge of back injury prevention. Summit’s Back Safety: Lift for Life program helps creates awareness and helps ensure that injuries are avoided. Many of the causes of back injury are in your control and can be prevented by following proper lifting techniques and the basics of back safety. Help prevent incidents, accidents, and associated costs of back injury by educating employees on workplace hazards.
This Program Covers:
Common Back Injuries
Proper Posture
Reducing the Hazard
Accessing the Lift
Lifting Safely
Other Risk Factors
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