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Diffuse background suppression (BGS) photoelectric sensors are used in applications where accurate differentiation between the target and potentially interfering backgrounds is essential. As with all such set-ups, when using this technique it is vital that only the target is sensed, regardless of the color, surface and shape of the background and target.

Tough and compact, the Contrinex Series 3131 sensors are built in a package measuring only 30mm x 30mm x 15mm and have a long sensing distance of 200mm. The precision background suppression can be adjusted in small increments down to 15mm and, because the sensors have a tiny blind zone, targets can be sensed down to 1mm from the lens. Most importantly, the sensors are immune to the color, shape and surface texture of the background beyond the set target detection point thus ensuring stable, long-term reliability.

The Series 3131 sensors have a red spotlight that helps alignment to the target, an amber LED that indicates detection and a green LED that confirms the optimum set-up. A 12-turn potentiometer adjustment allows extremely accurate setting of the background cut-off position and a narrow, focused beam prevents the detection of any adjacent objects or unwanted features that are close to the target.

These new Contrinex sensors have a high immunity to stray light sources and voltage overload, short circuit and induction spike protection. Operating frequency is 500Hz, switched current rating is 200mA, they have a wide operating supply voltage from 10 to 36 VDC, a stable sensing range from 25°C to +55°C and they are sealed to IP67.


• Housing material - Chrome-plated brass • Supply voltage range UB – 10-30 VDC • Bandwidth(-3 dB) - 100Hz(ats=50mm) • Permissible ripple content - ≤ 20% • No-load supply current - ≤25mA • Time delay before availability - ≤100 msec • Ambient temperature range - 0...+55 °C(+32 ...+131 °F) • Temperature drift % sn - 0.1/°C(0.06/°F) • Degree of protection - IP67
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