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CLEVELAND – April 13, 2006 – Abanaki Corporation, the world leader in oil skimming products, is now extending its line of oil removal products, skimmers and filtering machinery with its new PetroPuck™. One PetroPuck, in tablet form, degrades hydrocarbons, gasoline, diesel, BTEX, jet fuel, motor oil, heating oil, lubricating oil, crude oil, and paraffin. It works through an innovative biotechnology process that, as the PetroPuck dissolves, it attacks and removes trace oils from the water. In many cases, the pucks can bring oil levels down to those deemed acceptable for wastewater discharge.

The PetroPuck is designed to be used in tandem with a "bulk" oil removal system, such as an oil skimmer, and to consume any oil left remaining in tanks after skimming.

A typical application would have a belt oil skimmer removing all of the floating oils and the PetroPuck removing the residual oils that are in solution. A single puck treats 1000 gallons of fluid.

The PetroPuck bacteria are naturally occurring, non-pathogenic, and non-opportunistic.

The PetroPuck is a simple, cost-effective solution for any oil removal operation:

. No machinery.

. No waste.

. No measuring.

. No monitoring.

. Simple tablet form.

. Cleaner waste for disposal.

Users simply add one puck along with a teaspoon of nutrient provided at the beginning of each month to tanks that have a constant flow. The pucks’ time-released non-toxic bacteria will break down and consume the oil, leaving no hazardous by-products. The oils are reduced to carbon dioxide and water. Ideal conditions are 41-113 degrees F water temperature and 6.5-8.5 pH. Abanaki supplies the complete kit with pH testers and nutrients.

About Abanaki Corporation. Abanaki, the world leader in oil skimmer products, manufactures a wide range of products to remove oils, greases, solvents, and related hydrocarbons from water. Skimmer models are available with removal rates ranging from 1 to 200 gallons per hour in both stationary and portable systems. Use of Abanaki equipment often allows water and oil to be recycled, thus avoiding contingent liabilities and costs associated with disposal. Besides off-the-shelf oil and grease skimmers, Abanaki supplies custom designed (turnkey) pollution control systems for a wide variety of applications. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Abanaki has served a global customer base in industries as diverse as iron and steel, wastewater, paper, food processing, automotive, environmental remediation, and recycling for more than 30 years.
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