Baffled Electroforms


Servometer® has developed and patented a process to manufacture electroforms with integral baffles, for use in Electro-optic applications.

Baffled Electroforms and other custom electroformed components requiring close inside tolerances; precision internal finished and thin walls, can now be made to print by Servometer®. Diameters as small as 0.035 inches (0.889 mm), up to 6 inches (76.2 mm) can be produced in either nickel, copper, gold or silver. Lengths up to 6 inches can be readily produced, as can closed end tubes. Flexible components can also be manufactured by combining a formed unit with a flexible bellows section.

Nickel components can be furnished in weldable or solder grades to enable easy assembly. Most parts require no significant tooling, therefore; several prototypes variations can be evaluated, as opposed to being locked into a design by expensive dies or molds.


• Diameters as small as 0.020 in. • Close internal tolerances • Extreme temperatures as low as -423°F below zero
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