Ball-Style Diverter Valves


Cyclonaire Ball Diverter Valves Offer Many Options

Cyclonaire's Ball-Style Diverter Valves are built for multiple source convergence and multiple destination divergence of dry materials in either pressure or vacuum modes. The 3-way, vortex design is available in seven configurations to accommodate a wide range of piping layouts, and the valve's actuator rotates up to 135 degrees for maximum installation flexibility. They are ideally suited for use in conveying applications at high pressures (to 80 psig) and high temperatures (up to 300º F) and provide outstanding performance in semi-dense, dense, and dilute phase systems. O-ring-protected valve bearings and actuator-covered limit switches in several NEMA ratings deliver dependable long-term performance.

Diverter Valves are among the many components Cyclonaire makes for pneumatic conveying systems. To see photographs, dimensional drawings, and specifications for Diverter Valves and other Cyclonaire products, visit the Cyclonaire Web site using the link below.


* Obstruction-free flow * 3-way, vortex design is offered in seven configurations for maximum installation flexibility * Resilient valve seat prevents material migration into valve * Wear resistance with elasticized valve seat back * Indoor/outdoor applications with protected valve bearing * Temperature rating: to 320° F for harsh environments * Pressure ratings: body to 110+ PSIG, seat to 80 PSIG * Standard: o 304 stainless steel o Pneumatic actuator o Open/close NEMA 4 limit switches * Specify: o 316 stainless steel o Electric actuator o NEMA 4x, 7/9 limit switches
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