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DENSO ADC has announced a new, AT20B handheld barcode scanner that  offers high-speed scanning, user-friendly operation and high durability,  yet an affordable price.  DENSO’s Advanced Scan Plus technology gives the AT20B twice  the scanning speed of previous models, increasing operator efficiency. A  super-deep scanning field allows smooth close-up and distant operation,  regardless of the scanner’s position.  Using the latest DENSO algorithms, the AT20B can scan poorly printed or  otherwise difficult-to-read barcodes. The device also allows  trouble-free scanning of wide barcodes, such as the ITF-14 and GS1-128  (EAN-128) codes used for utility and medical bills, and Code 39 on EIAJ  labels.  

The AT20B’s compact, lightweight and ergonomically shaped design makes  it easy to hold and aim, reducing operator fatigue. An LED guide-light  improves the ease of targeting, even when scanning multilevel or very  small barcodes.  The AT20B is extremely durable, with a shock-absorbing construction that  allows it to withstand being dropped onto a concrete floor 6 times from  a height of 1.8 meters or 60 times from 1.5 meters. The device also  features IP42 dust- and water-resistant protection, as well as a  connector-cable locking mechanism that prevents damage to the connector  or cable.  Other outstanding features of the AT20B include easy-to-use  configuration software and an auto-sense scanning mode. 

A  data-verification function allows verification to be done with a single  scanner, while data-editing functions allow simple programming (ADF  scripting) for data truncating, sorting and converting. A  command-control function enables the scanner to be controlled by a PC  for fully automated operation.  “At DENSO, we are continually striving to improve our product line, and  our new AT20B handheld scanner sets the price-performance bar higher  than ever before,” said John Doran, senior manager, Commercial and  Industrial Systems. “We are confident it will allow us to expand our  marketplace even further.” 


  • high-speed scanning
  • easy to hold and aim
  • LED guide-light

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