Barcode Time Clock and Software


Dynamic Systems, Inc., a Redmond, Washington software developer specializing in data collection applications for the manufacturing industry has announced the addition of Time and Attendance “Time Clock” capability to their Job Costing software. 
About CheckMate Job Costing
CheckMate Job Costing utilizes fast and highly accurate barcode technology to track labor and parts against jobs.  It produces multiple reports that help the customer keep track of direct costs against jobs.  The software is Windows-based, low-cost and easy to use.
Release of Time Clock Application
DSI has announced the immediate release of “Time Clock”, targeted at companies who want to take advantage of the ability to not only monitor their costs by closely tracking productivity of their jobs but to also save time recording and producing payroll data.  The employee simply scans their barcoded badge at the beginning and end of the shift and the program records the job assigned. The software will keep track of hours and transmit the information to payroll.
Flexible software
The Job Costing software is highly configurable, allowing the customer to define fields, determine how to handle lunch, breaks and more.  It is targeted for small to mid-sized companies who cannot afford to pay the high cost of a Time and Attendance System on top of a Job Costing System. 

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