BASIC Mini Labeling System


FOX IV Technologies, Inc. introduces the Model 2010 BASIC Mini label printer applicator incorporating the Datamax M-Class Mark II printer. The Model 2010 BASIC Mini is designed as a global low-cost solution for companies requiring a label printer applicator that is simple to operate and maintain. The BASIC Mini has the smallest footprint in the world – 18” high x 13.6” deep x 18” wide. Select either an 8” or 14” application cylinder to print and apply label sizes from 1” x 1” to 4.25” x 6”.

Operators will find changing label and ribbon supplies easy by following the label and ribbon paths screen-printed directly on the centerwall – no threading diagram to try to decipher. Our easy-access cover and modular components make service and repair a snap, and one rugged, pressurized industrial housing contains the entire package.

Menu prompts and messages are available in five languages – English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. With the optional international language print capability (ILPC), it is also possible to print Japanese Kanji, Korean Hangul, or simplified Chinese characters.

The BASIC Mini is part of FOX IV’s “Intelligence Built-In” series of label printer applicators – no PC needed for many applications. Databases and application-specific software can reside in the printer applicator. Peripheral devices such as bar code scanners, scales, and keyboards can be connected directly to the BASIC Mini – all controlled by a 100 MHz, 32 bit multi-tasking processor.

Standard communication includes USB and RS232 with options for wired or wireless Ethernet and remote printer monitoring from a standard web browser. You can even set up email notification of printer errors.

FOX IV’s Mini design has been in production for more than 15 years, operating in all types of industrial environments around the world – from ceramic tile plants in Italy to warehouses in Australia and copper processing plants in Chile. What’s new is that we added the latest Datamax print engine and made it simpler to operate and maintain.

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