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Benko Products, Inc. announces that its Sahara Batch Ovens with roll-in carts maintain superior temperature control and uniformity for drying or curing. The Sahara Batch Ovens, designed for ease of use and reliable performance in the harshest environments, are the ideal solution for curing or drying small parts in the chemical, plastics and automotive industries, to name a few. The Sahara Batch Ovens, which comply with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 86 safety standards for Class A ovens that heat flammable materials, are electrically heated to maintain 350°F and provide cross-flow air circulation, which allows the ovens to maintain temperature control and uniformity. 

Roll-in carts feature removable and adjustable shelves to support varying loads, as well as heavy-duty casters and wheel guide tracks for easy maneuvering. Precise temperature control is achieved through the ovens’ unique controls system, which includes a thermocouple actuated, digital temperature controller; motor control pushbuttons; ON-OFF heat switch; LED pilot lights; and adjustable over-temperature control. Available in carbon steel or stainless steel, the Sahara Batch Ovens are available in a variety of air-flow patterns to suit an end-user’s specific needs.


  • roll-in carts
  • cross-flow air circulation
  • removable and adjustable shelves 

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