Batch Unloader with Seismic Bracing


Bulk-Out bulk bag weigh batch unloader incorporates seismic bracing for added structural integrity and operator safety for installations in regions prone to earthquakes. BFC model discharger frame is equipped with a cantilevered I-beam and electric hoist and trolley for positioning bulk bags without the use of a forklift.


Bag lifting frame utilizes Z-Clip bag strap holders that allow rapid insertion and removal of bag straps.


Bulk-Out bulk bag weigh batch unloader features:

  • Manually operated iris valve atop a hopper intake chute that allow bag spout to be cinched and drawstring untied before gradually opening the valve
  • Four-sided cross-bracing strengthens the frame against deformation
  • Load cells enable loss-of-weight batching into customer-supplied vessels or downstream processes
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