Below-Leveler Dock Seal


PitMaster™ X Under-leveler Seal, designed to seal open areas beneath and around air-powered dock levelers, creates a barrier that can reduce energy costs by hundreds of dollars per dock position annually, and improve facility cleanliness by preventing dirt, dust, insects and debris from entering through open air gaps.

By preventing airflow though open gaps, as well as reducing the transfer of heat through the steel leveler deck, PitMaster X can greatly reduce heating or cooling energy loss at the loading dock. Energy costs can be reduced by up to $900 per dock position depending on climate. In cold storage facilities, PitMaster X also helps reduce condensation on leveler decks for a safer dock environment.

The PitMaster X Under-leveler Seal is applied in addition to a three-sided dock seal or shelter. PitMaster X seals the fourth side of the dock opening, and features two sealing curtains constructed of durable black vinyl attached to the leveler’s lower and upper frames. The curtains are supported by compressible, triangular foam gussets to ensure long-term durability. Separate lip corner seals and an open lip hinge seal fill remaining gaps to produce a highly efficient seal.

Frommelt division of Rite-Hite offers a free energy loss analysis for dock openings, customized to location and a number of facility-specific variables, to determine the precise amount of air escaping at unsealed dock openings, and the costs of the resulting energy loss. This analysis shows that a PitMaster X Under-leveler Seal typically pays for itself in six to 18 months.

The PitMaster installs easily with common tools and can be released for access to the leveler pit when dock equipment maintenance is needed. Sealing components can be replaced quickly and easily but require no regular maintenance.

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