Belt Driven PLB Linear Actuator


PBC Linear has expanded the PL series product line by introducing the belt driven PLB actuating system. With its inherent lightweight design, the PLB actuator provides easy installation for long-lasting linear motion. Built for high speed and load applications, the PLB actuator features Integral V™ guided cam rollers, SIMO™ precision machining (Simultaneous Integral Milling Operation), a robust housing system, and a wide range of optional accessories. To facilitate smooth precision linear motion, the PLB actuator houses patent pending Integral V Technology (IVT) steel raceways to guide the rollers. First introduced in 2008, IVT’s innovative design allows for high accuracy with fewer mounting components at no added cost! Backed by IVT, this cam rolling system not only provides accuracy (within .1mm/m), but supports the steel-reinforced belt for high speed (10 m/s) and high acceleration travel—giving the PLB actuating system a boost over the competition both in price and performance. In order to further ensure precision linear motion, the entire outer-housing of the PLB has been machined with PBC Linear’s newly developed SIMO process. Concurrently milling on all sides of the actuator simultaneously, PBC Linear can provide highly accurate surfaces with tighter tolerances spared the expense. Composed of anodized aluminum, the outer housing of the PLB also tolerates corrosive environments.This allows for the PLB linear actuator to be both an economical and durable choice when selecting a linear motion solution. Available with optional dual carriage design, clamps, limit switches, and shaft extensions, the PLB linear actuator can be customized to meet virtually any linear motion solution; such as wash down, clean-room, long travel length, multiple carriage .


• Max. Speed- 10 m/s • Max. Stroke Length-6000 mm • Min. Stroke Lengt-50 mm • Pulley Drive Rati-125 mm/rev • Max RPM-4800 • Base Weight-1.59 kg
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