Bench-Top Weighing Platforms


The new PBA330 Platforms are ideal for industrial and commercial applications in general purpose environments. The solid frame construction protects the cell from overloads and shocks up to 150% of the scale capacity.

Available in square or rectangular sizes with capacities from 12lb to 1200 lb, these rugged weighing platforms offer nine different sizes and include seven different capacities for any weighing requirements . The PBA330 uses first-class materials combined with constant quality control in production and ISO 9001 certified processes.

The PBA330 weighing platforms have several overload stops to ensure the best
possible protection. Series features a durable frame that is powdercoated and pre-zinc treated where necessary. All rubber parts are durable and provide outstanding
dampening characteristics. The PBA330 allows for versatility and can support
attachments on the long or short side on all models to support terminal displays,
rolling carts and bench stands.


* Maximum Capacity 30 kg / 60 kg * Readability 5 g * Readability Approved 10 g / 20 g * Size 300 x 400 mm * Readability approved MR * Scale material Powder coated * Load plate material Stainless steel * Height 86 mm * Degree of protection IP65 * Suitable indicators IDNet terminals, IND4- series
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