BigEZ™ Multi-Dose AC&R Dye Injector


Spectronics Corporation's new, king-size dye injector — the Spectroline® BigEZ™ — contains enough fluorescent dye to treat air-conditioning and refrigeration systems containing up to 16 gallons (61 l) of lubricant. This work-saving tool features a disposable dye cartridge, which is calibrated in 1/8 oz increments, so a technician can add the exact amount of dye for each system by simply turning a handle! The BigEZ multi-dose dye injector eliminates pouring, measuring and messy spills. All it takes is one, easy connection. No time-consuming hookups are required. And no additional refrigerant is needed to add the dye! The BigEZ dye injector is built to last. It consists of a handle/threaded shaft and collar assembly; a disposable cartridge prefilled with four ounces of AR-GLO® fluorescent leak detection dye; and a hose assembly with a low-loss fitting. AR-GLO dye is co-solvent-free, and exactly matches the lubricant in the system, so it will not affect lubricant properties that could cause excessive wear to system components. AR-GLO dyes are OEM approved by major compressor, refrigerant, lubricant and AC&R equipment manufacturers. The BigEZ is the only dye injector for large refrigeration systems, such as chillers, supermarkets, refrigerated warehouses and industrial refrigeration plants. BigEZ cartridges are available for mineral oil, polyol ester and alkyl benzene lubricants.
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