Biobased Rust Preventative


VpCI®-325 is a safe, convenient, environmentally friendly and ready-to-use liquid, based on a vegetable derived, biodegradable oil. It is used for general purpose corrosion protection in a wide variety of applications. VpCI®-325 works as an excellent lubricant and performs effectively even under the adverse condition of 100% relative humidity and in the presence of such corrosive elements as chlorides, hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur compounds. 

This innovative product forms a film on the metal surface and protects in two ways:  first, oil-soluble safe corrosion inhibitors offer a tenacious film which clings to metal surfaces.  In addition to this filming  barrier, Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors are released into the air above the oil. These vapors condense and form a protective barrier on surfaces not contacted by the liquid product.  The combined action provides complete protection for internal system parts. VpCI®-325 also provides dependable and complete water displacement from the metal surface to prevent corrosion. VpCI®-325 can be used to protect sheet metals, wire, pipes, flanges and other fabricated and/or machined parts, guns and a host of other products.  

It is excellent for; maintenance, lubrication, temporary storage, small or complex metal parts, home repairs of squeaky items and many more. Rust preventative will provide universal corrosion protection up to 24 months for ferrous metals, galvanized steel, aluminum, brass, copper, babbitt, zinc, cadmium and silver. It loosens frozen and rusted metal parts, making them easy to remove. 


  • forms a film on the metal surface
  • complete protection for internal system parts

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