Bird BLazer is world's first bird-deterrent laser for indoor use


Lasers are a well-established method of deterring birds, most notably the use of handheld lasers on airfields to prevent devastating loss of time, equipment and lives from bird strikes. Developing this proven technology, Bird-X, Inc. ( announces the world‚s first indoor-use bird deterrent laser. It combats the expense, unsightliness and disease associated with birds and their droppings. This Bird BLazer fills the need identified by our 44 years of customer input and experience with bird problems at municipal, industrial and commercial buildings. BLazer uses state-of-the-art fat beam laser technology, in dozens of constantly-changing patterns to disrupt pigeons, sparrows, starlings, swallows and other birds. This economical, one-time purchase covers up to 10,000 square feet. BLazer brings an exponential increase in new uses for previously proven effective laser technology: plants, warehouses, parking facilities, loading docks, sports arenas, distribution centers, transit facilities and more. In addition, BLazer eliminates the wasted man-hour problem as well. This laser is not handheld, but rather operates on 110v electricity, 24/7 with no oversight or maintenance required ˆ while incorporating constant change in its output to prevent acclimation.


* 10 milliwatts of fat-beam laser power * State-of-the-art, fully registered, consumer-safe device * Works day and night: laser beams constantly change pattern and location to prevent acclimation
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