BNC Shielded Test Probe Kit


Pomona Electronics, the leading manufacturer of cable assemblies, connectors, and test accessories, announces its new BNC Shielded Test Probe Kit, a collection of probes and clips designed for quick, efficient test connections. The kit includes a shielded test probe, Minigator with 6-32 thread for ground lead, insulated flex boot for Minigator, Minigrabber® test clip with 6-32 thread for ground lead, and a replaceable stainless steel dog-leg probe tip. The probe's shield extends to within 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) of the probe tip and is compatible with DMM banana plug inputs when using a Pomona 1269 BNC (female) to double banana plug adapter. Both the Minigator and Minigranner test clips can be quickly threaded into a ground lead. The dog-leg probe tip, with its sharp tip and angle for improved depth perception, is excellent for SMD (surface mount device) probing. The probe cable is RG174 shielded coax with long strain relief for added durability. The BNC connector is nickel-plated brass with gold plated center contact.
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