Boltless Metal Shelving


A new line of galvanized, boltless, modular metal shelving that is easy to assemble into multiple configurations including bins, wide span racks, cat-walk systems, and archive storage for virtually any business or industry is being introduced by Boston Rack, Inc. of Raynham, Massachusetts.

Boston Rack Super 1/2/3 Metal Shelving features a high-gloss galvanized finish and boltless, modular construction with easy to assemble snap-in beams, shelves, uprights and braces to create racks, mezzanines, and all types of storage systems. Various heights, widths, and depths are avail-able, along with accessories such as drawers, containers and dividers.

Shipped KD-style (knocked down), the main components of the Boston Rack Super 1/2/3 Metal Shelving system are a closed upright section with 8 connection points on 4 faces and the beam which has a profile containing up to a 4-fold variation in material thickness. This versatile system is suitable for 2-tier installations and attractive enough for retail displays.

Boston Rack Super 1/2/3 Metal Shelving is priced according to components and quantity. Literature is available upon request. Dealer inquiries are invited.
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