B.O.S.S. HD™ for Shearing 16-Gauge Steel


The Bradbury Co., Inc., a leading manufacturer of rollforming and related metal processing equipment, has introduced a new heavy-duty version of its popular, high-performance B.O.S.S. Shear modified to handle16-gauge steel. According to company spokespersons, the new shear is intended to attract customers who produce heavier-gauge building components. The new model cuts 16-gauge steel with yield strength in the 40,000-pounds-per-square-inch range and runs 48-inch wide coils at the same 10-parts/200-feet-per-minute speed as the standard B.O.S.S. Shear, which is rated for 18-gauge steel.

Like its 18-gauge counterpart, the heavy-duty version uses Bradbury’s exclusive high-speed, closed-loop flying shear mechanism to achieve fast, close-tolerance shearing. Length and batch information can be entered at the user-friendly control station or downloaded from a remote computer. There are no hydraulic functions. An AC servomotor accelerates the shear head through a robust mechanical linkage. Dual acceleration arms and stable heavy-duty linear bearings contribute to extremely accurate cuts and machine durability. As the shear head travels out to match the speed of the production line, the linkage rotates it and pulls it down for the cut in a smooth orbital motion that eliminates much of the noise, potential for strip damage, and paint marking associated with competing shears. As metal approaches the work rolls, its speed is monitored, and speed variations in the line or rollformer do not affect cut accuracy. The scissors-like cutting action prevents burring. To reduce sharpening requirements, top and bottom blades can be reversed.

The four main work rolls correct bow and coil-set in the uncut metal. Other enhancements for the 16-gauge model include a more powerful electric motor and larger linear bearings to support the shear head. The shear can be close-coupled to new or existing production lines to reduce required floor space. The base features heavy plate construction, lifting lugs, bolt-down holes, and leveling screws.
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