Bottle and Can Drying Solutions


Bottle and can drying solutions for throughputs from the 100s up into the 1000s are offered by Air Control Industries (ACI). ACI’s bottle and can drying solutions are based upon the company’s blower-powered ‘DRI-Line’ system which offers a variety of air delivery systems and enclosures that can be configured according to the application. 

In addition to its drying efficiency, DRI-Line offers significant operating cost savings over compressed air alternatives and minimal maintenance demands. DRI-Line bottle drying systems can handle throughputs of up to 6000 bottles/min with the drying function in a self-contained, acoustic enclosure housing the blower and air delivery devices that ensures all moisture is contained when blown off. At the other end of the scale is an open system based upon a set of blower-powered air knives, which will perform effectively for small bottling operations. Air delivery systems for bottles include ACI’s specially developed ‘JetPlate’ system. This comprises a pair of facing plenums which serve to both deliver air and act as guide rails. Their close proximity to the bottles and the air slot pattern ensures both efficient air delivery and effective moisture removal. JetPlates can also be used in non-enclosed systems as can air knives. 

Both options can be complemented by neck and cap drying equipment. ACI’s ‘CanTunnel’ is available in both single and multi-lane formats. Cans pass through the CanTunnel and air is delivered via precisely configured slots. This arrangement ensures all moisture is removed and contained so as to avoid dispersal of moisture to prevent it being deposited again on cans or elsewhere. For both bottle and can drying systems the blower can be installed inside an enclosure with the drying heads, in an acoustic chamber on legs either straddling the conveyor line or alongside it, or as a remote unit with an ABS cover.


  • throughputs of up to 6000 bottles/min

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