Opto Technology, Inc., a leading manufacturer of optoelectronic and LED-related products for the bio-medical and analytical instrumentation industry, has introduced its new OTLA-0130 broadband white LED light engine for applications requiring the full, UV to Red spectrum. The OTLA-0130 integrates a white LED with additional monochromatic LED die to expand the unit’s spectral output. The OTLA-0130 also features a very small lighting emitting source size of less than 2mm in diameter, that allows it to be coupled to optical systems including fiber optics and focusing optics. In addition, each LED wavelength (White, 395nm, 470nm, 630nm, and 660nm) can be individually addressed for separate pulsing and intensity balancing. Potential instrumentation applications for the OTLA-0130 Broadband White Led include: Flourescence, absorbance, transmittance, reflectance and color metric measurements. The OTLA-0130 may be customized to fit specific applications such as providing additional LED wavelengths into the existing to package. Electrical termination is through an industry standard edge connector or by soldering wires directly to the circuit board.
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