MCG® brand “ID Series” brush-commutated DC servo motors incorporate higher inertia armatures to provide improved motor-to-load inertia matching capability for medium to high reflected load inertias.  Their low cogging torque and simple brush commutation technology contribute to smooth operation at all speeds.
    These motors in two frame sizes (NEMA 23 and NEMA 34) can power equipment for a wide range of industry applications, including factory automation and robotics, machine tools, material handling, medical, packaging, and printing and labeling, among others.
    Depending on model, standard motors in the ID23000 and ID33000 series can generate continuous torque from 0.212 Nm (1.88 lb-in) to 1.59 Nm (14 lb-in); rated power ranges from 0.12 Hp to 0.60 Hp; and speeds up to 6000 RPM can be achieved.
    Rugged IP42 construction contributes to motor reliability and longer service life.
Motors can be customized with gearboxes, optical encoders, and other options to satisfy particular application needs.

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