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Crouzet has introduced the second generation 150 Watt Brushless DC Motor. The new three-stage planetary gearbox  is durable enough to withstand high loads without operation interruption and its 150 Watt power offers expanded capabilities for applications requiring high speed and high torque. The Model 80199701 gear motor delivers thousands of hours of life without service, provides variable speeds and torques, and maintains a smooth, quiet operation.  Part of the 801997 family, the robust motor expands Crouzet's output torque from 25 Nm up to 120 Nm. The motor easily handles high side loads with 1000 N radial and 200 N axial, and lends itself to controllability and long life.    The standard motor package includes a protection index rating of IP20 that can be easily upgraded to IP54.  Measuring just 81 mm in diameter x 229 mm in length, the compact motor incorporates a shaft extension on the rear of the motor, allowing for encoder or brake.  It can operate with voltages from 6 to 75VDC, is available with 1, 2 or 3 stage gearboxes, and uses hall sensors and industry-standard eight-wire connection scheme.  "The use of this brushless dc motors is a logical choice where long life is a concern," says Jim McNamara, Crouzet's Applications Engineer. "That combined with the long life gear motor, makes it an excellent solution for many applications," he adds.   "Other benefits include reduced noise, increased efficiency and the elimination of brush dust."  The Model 80199701 Gear motor is suitable for a wide variety of applications in the medical, commercial and industrial markets.


  • output torque from 25 Nm up to 120 Nm
  • easily handles high side loads
  • lends itself to controllability and long life
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