Dynetic Systems of Elk River, MN, introduces the new family of NEMA 23 and 34 integrated brushless PM servo gear motors for use in a wide range of applications ranging from aerospace actuator to industrial machines to medical equipment.  These high torque low voltage Dynetic Systems brushless PM motors are combined with lower noise planetary geartrains to provide minimum gear motor torque values ranging from 26.5 lb-in rated torque from the DS 2315 frame size and 224 lb-in from the larger DS 3420 frame size.  Maximum gear motor momentary torque is 198 lb-in for the size 23 and 633 lb-in for the size 34 brushless PM motors.
The integrated gear motor can be supplied in IP 65 or IP 67 configurations.  Single, dual and 3 stage geartrains are available in 10 gear ratios ranging from 16:1 up to 1012:1.  The gear motor noise is damped by a special bearing bore design.
High energy Neodymium magnets are used to maximize motor torque performance.  A wide variety of feedback devices are available for inclusion in the integrated gear motor package including hall devices, resolvers, encoders, etc.  The motor is designed to interface to a wide variety of sinusoidal drives from 12 to 320 vdc. 


• Speed: to 4KRPM • Power: up to 426 Watts continuous • Torque: up to 160 oz-in continuous • Mounting available in SAE, Metric or NEMA34
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