Built-in Encoders Reduce Assembly Costs, And Components


Bodine Electric Company announced it has developed the Incodermotors™, a new selection of permanent magnet DC and Brushless DC motors and gearmotors that are equipped with encoders inside the motor.Encoders, which are used to measure speed and position, are common add-on components in motion control systems. Up to now, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have been forced to either build or buy separate encoder units. These were attached and wired to the motor. Bodine’s new Incodermotors are a pre-wired and fully tested motor-encoder combination that is ready to drop into the OEM’s design. By specifying Incodermotors, OEMs can significantly reduce assembly time and cost of their products. Further, since the encoder is inside the motor, it is protected from harsh environments, and the overall size of the motor-encoder combination is not increased. The 4.5-12V magnetic encoders are available with one or two hall sensor output signals in resolutions of 2, 4, 8, and 30 pulses/revolution. They work with digital tachometers or other electronic devices to measure speed, distance, and direction.Bodine Incodermotors are designed for any application where low-res speed and position feedback is required. Some common uses include door and gate openers, guided vehicles, factory automation, and conveyor belts. Bodine’s type 33A and 42A permanent magnet DC motors, and Bodine’s type 22B and 34B Brushless DC motors are all available as custom-made Incodermotors. Terry Auchstetter, manager for Custom Product Development says many of Bodine’s customers find the built-in encoder a logical solution. “When a customer is thinking about building a design that needs an encoder, I tell them why not use the Incodermotor and have Bodine do all the testing and assembly? Frequently it means they will have four or five fewer components to assemble. It’s an easy decision for them,” he said.
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