Bulk Bag Unloaders Offer Custom Features


YORK, NE – Bulk Bag Unloaders from Cyclonaire Corporation, headquartered in York, Nebraska, are designed to be easily customized for safe handling and clean unloading of any free-flowing dry material in bags. These Bag Unloaders are ruggedly built to support all sizes and styles of bulk bags and unload them without slippage or spills. Flow aids that lift bag sides and massage bags to ensure thorough emptying are included on basic models. Frames are constructed of heavy-duty welded and bolted tubular steel for durability and operator safety. Carbon steel 2-ton frames with hopper trays are standard. Stainless steel and epoxy coating can be ordered for all material contact points.

A long list of options combined with flexibility in frame sizing allows Cyclonaire Bulk Bag Unloaders to be economically adapted to match specific user needs. The bag hoist can be manual, pneumatic, or electric. The trolley that pulls the suspended bag into position over the discharge hopper can be manual or motorized, according to customer preference. Hoppers come either with a vent stub for remote dust collection or with an integral Cyclonaire bin vent mounted directly to them. The bin vent features cartridge filters and reverse air pulse cleaning that returns dust directly to the hopper, eliminating the chance of plugged lines that exists with remote collectors.
Most units are specified with NEMA 4 controls, but controls sealed to meet other NEMA ratings, including NEMA 7/9, are available.

Because bag unloaders are often used to introduce minor ingredients in batching operations, Cyclonaire offers load cells, iris valves, and pinch bars to monitor, control, and cut off material flow from the bags. Precision screw feeders, rotary valves, or pneumatic conveyors can be used to control material flow from the hoppers.

Cyclonaire makes Rotary Airlocks that are custom built for the application. They are available in carbon or stainless steel and feature precision-machined rotors with large shaft diameters to minimize deflection and heavy-duty ANSI flanges to resist distortion. Cyclonaire C Series and HC Series Conveyors provide semi-dense phase pneumatic conveying for batching ingredients. These pneumatic conveyors can be configured to weigh, batch, and provide inventory control. They use 15-psig convey air to move materials at a balanced combination of intermediate line velocities between 2,000 and 3,000 fpm and high material-to-air ratios to minimize abrasion and optimize efficiency. Their proprietary design reduces the negative effects of handling abrasives and avoids many of the problems conventional conveying systems have with particle degradation, abrasion, and system wear when moving materials like lime and cement.


* Supports and seals any size or style bulk bag for discharge * Unload without bag slippage, material dusting or spillage * Safe, heavy-duty welded and bolted tubular steel frame * Standard: o Carbon steel o Welded and bolted tubular frame * Specify: o Stainless steel o Piercing blade o Electric hoist or manual lift o Load cell for weigh/batching o Support trays and/or bag tensioners o Iris valve or pinch bars to meter flow o Bag massagers to assist discharge o Dust tight glove box hopper or access hopper o Integral dust suppression/collection
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