Bulk Forklift Container


The P-433 Ship Shape(TM) bulk forklift container  features a standard 44” x 44” footprint that seamlessly fits into many bulk bag fillers to permit processing, packaging and material handling engineers to integrate rigid, reusable bulk containers into their existing filling equipment lines. Ideal for moving, handling and storing bulk chemicals and pharmaceuticals, food/beverage ingredients, mineral and rock products and other granular, free-flowing dry products, the MOD P-433 shipping container handles payloads to 700 lbs. within a heavy-duty, one-piece bin that eliminates the potential for sidewall collapse during filling common to flexible bulk bags along with associated line downtime, product waste and cleanup troubles. 

The palletless P-433 Ship Shape forklift container also eliminates the potential for lift truck accidents due to the shifting of bagged payloads during transport.  Rotationally molded in a single piece from 100% waterproof polyethylene, the MOD P-433 bulk shipper includes a companion cover to safeguard against dust and vapor release while eliminating cumbersome bag tying, stitching and sealing. The Ship Shape P-433 bulk handler is designed with convenient, four-way lift access and is available in a choice of 16 standard colors and in custom colors in quantity. Optional accessories include permanent, molded-in logos, numbers and graphics plus industrial-strength casters, fork safety tubes and tamper-evident closures.   


  • 44” x 44” footprint
  • fits into many bulk bag fillers
  • 100% waterproof polyethylene

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