Butt Catcher Smoke Free Column


New Pig Corporation has introduced the decorative PIG(r) Butt CatcherTM Smoke-Free Column to do away with unsightly cigarette waste and virtually eliminate smoke and odor emissions. The patent-pending PIG(r) Butt CatcherTM Smoke-Free Column's oxygen-restricting design extinguishes cigarettes in seconds - reducing the risk of fire. Able to hold over 1,000 cigarette butts, the high-capacity collection can requires fewer change outs and won't spill butts on the ground when emptied. Also, the Column features a tight-sealing, rotating lid, which eliminates unattractive buildup of tar and allows easy access to the collection can. Ideal for outdoor use, the attractive, free standing, polyethylene Column will not rust, scratch or corrode and can be filled with up to 45 lbs. of sand or gravel for added stability and security. The Column can be disassembled and cleans easily with soap and water, or in a dishwasher. The PIG(r) Butt CatcherTM Smoke-Free Column is available in 3 color combinations: Black w/black top, black w/granite top and dark brown with tan granite top.


• Dimensions: • ext. dia. 12" x 42" H • Sold as: • 1 each • Weight: • 16 lbs. • # per Pallet: • 15 • Composition: • Polyethylene
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