C3 Ceramic Flap Discs Designed to Last Longer on Hard-to-Grind, Heat Sensitive Materials


CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels has added C3 ceramic flap discs made from an aggressive, self-sharpening ceramic grain and a cooling grinding aid to its U.S. manufactured line of products. The new ceramic flap discs are designed to last longer on hard-to-grind, heat sensitive materials. “C3 ceramic flap discs are a great addition to the CGW product line. They are exceptionally aggressive and cut twice as long as standard flap discs, making them better for certain jobs and projects,” said Joe O’Mera, president, CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels.
    The CGW C3 ceramic flap discs provide contaminate-free results for use on stainless steel and can also be used on steel and titanium. Ceramic flap discs are available in regular and extra-large thickness and with 4-1/2-, 5- and 7-inch diameters. C3 flap discs come in 36, 40, 60, and 80 grit sizes and with either 7/8-inch or 5/8-11 arbor holes. For added strength on rough edge applications, the new flap discs feature a hybrid, 4-degree compressed and compacted flap configuration.
    Manufactured in the U.S., CGW’s flap disc lines include premium Z3 (zirconia grain),
Z-THRU® (zirconia grain; transparent grinding zone), A3 (aluminum oxide grain), aluminum cutting, and silicon carbide. Flap discs are the fastest growing abrasives category and can be used for both rough grinding and finishing.

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