Ferraz Shawmut, a global leader in the field of circuit protection, announces its UL-listed CP Cable Limiters, designed to protect low voltage distribution networks and service entrance cables, reducing system failures and increasing reliability. Cable Limiters prevent service outages by isolating damaged cables, ensuring power continuity. Customers in a range of industries can benefit, from light commercial and residential to heavy commercial and industrial.

CP Cable Limiters isolate damaged conductors that have experienced faults due to unforeseen short circuit incidents, which may have occurred from splicing or insulation breakdowns.  The Cable Limiters then safeguard the remaining cables to keep systems operational.

Ferraz Shawmut offers a full line of UL-listed 600VAC Cable Limiters for cable sizes 2AWG up to 1000kcmil.  

“The cable limiters are composed of fiberglass bodies that increase dimensional stability in harsh environments,” said Bob Lyons, product manager for low voltage fuses.  “Additionally, optional molded rubber boots and heat shrinkable tubing provide insulation and waterproof protection to the limiter body and terminations.”

Safely interrupting faults up to 200kA, CP Cable Limiters are available in seven terminal variations including tube (cable crimp), offset blade (Bolt-on) and compression rod terminations.

The proper Cable Limiter is selected based on cable size, terminations required and cable material.  

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