Cable Management


New cable management solution called Liftband is a modular chain strip designed for extremely high vertical travel applications in which space is limited. The Liftband system comprises three basic elements: straight and curved polymer strips and clip-on cable clamps. The connected strip segments determine the basic shape of the whole system as it is lifted into the air, while the cable clamps connect the segments and route the cables. 

Despite only constituting a few parts, Liftband allows multiple configurations. Its basic shape can be circular, rectangular or square. This means the system is easily customizable to different customer requirements and space restrictions. Since the chain links do not rub against one another, the system has an extremely low wear rate and is quiet running. Liftband is a favorably priced alternative for a whole series of applications, including platform technology where traditional cable carriers would typically be stacked on top of one another and moved in a zigzag fashion. 


  • for extremely high vertical travel applications
  • clip-on cable clamps
  • multiple configurations

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