Tyco Electronics Corporation has introduced the Cosmic 927R Micro-Cable Stripper. The Cosmic 927R stripper is specially designed for wire and cable stripping applications where wire gauges are very small. With the proliferation of minute wire and cable sizes in all sorts of electronic devices and systems, a wire and cable stripper capable of handling small wire gauges with accuracy and repeatability is necessary. The Cosmic 927R stripper is able to strip conductors from 36 AWG up to 10AWG (.11mm to 3.5mm). Precise controls allow for stripping diameters to be set in increments of 0.1 mm. With highly precise stripping control parameters, the Cosmic 927R stripper allows improved stripping quality and interference with the conductor is virtually eliminated Cosmic 927R Micro-Cable Strippers are suitable for most any micro cable stripping use in wire and cable harnessing shops and other industrial electronics manufacturing environments. The machine is capable of stripping lengths ranging from 1mm up to 25mm with partial stripping lengths of 1.0mm (minimum) possible. Typical insulations serviced by the Cosmic 927R stripper include TEFLON insulation, rubber and other popular wire and cable insulations and jackets. Maximum cycle time is 1.5 seconds.
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