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With different series to choose from, the CAM Switches features a full metal shaft and is made from high quality European raw materials. Each product has a current rating from 12A – 40A from the CR series and 40A – 630A for the CA series. Terminal and handle protection degrees are IP20 IP00 and IP65 IP40 respectively.

Our products are used in a wide range of industrial applications, including: railroad, food processors, welding machinery, and elevators, assemble lines, power tools, pumps, HVAC systems, heating elements, transformers, and circuit breakers.


  • current rating from 12A – 40A  and 40A – 630A
  • full metal shaft

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This is both a very solid a dependable product. I have known the Bremas brand for quite some time, and I know that they strive to have a quality product that can handle the current that I require for my machines. Their CAM switches are no exception. If you purchase this product, I promise you will be extremely satisfied.