CAN I/O Processor Module Enables Seamless Integration of System I/O into CANopen Network


Copley Controls' board-mounting CAN I/O processor module provides a low cost and easily configured way for OEM equipment builders to integrate a wide range of external sensors and actuators into their distributed motion control system. Instead of expensive third party I/O, OEMs can create just-right I/O interfaces with preferred form factor and connectors. Just plug-in the Copley processor module and I/O is available to the network. Model CAN-IPM-01's breadth of I/O interfacing affords wide latitude for configuring digital and analog I/O points. Nine 8-bit ports are configurable as digital input or outputs. Twelve analog ports convert 0 - 3 Vdc signals into 12-bit values. Twelve PWM outputs can be low-pass-filtered to deliver analog signals*for indicator, actuator, etc. operation. Eight dedicated digital inputs set the CAN node address and CAN bus bit rate. CAN bus Rx and Tx signals take bus data from an external transceiver, and two outputs are dedicated for CAN bus status. The user undertakes I/O setup and configuration with an external PC, linked to the processor module via the I/O module's RS-232 connectivity. Model CAN-IPM-01 supports CAN bus bit rates up to 1 Mbit/sec, and RS-232 communications to 115,200 Baud. Copley has intentionally simplified setup and configuration tasks by building the CAN/IO processor module around the same microcontroller used in Copley drives. Model CAN-IPM-01 and Copley's servo amplifiers and stepper drivers follow common interface protocols. Applications Model CAN-IPM-01's extensive I/O range enables equipment builders to create just-right interfaces for their systems' specific configurations of sensors and actuators. No more compromises in adapting system I/O to the limitations and cost of third party I/O hardware.
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