Cantilevered Arm Cart Has Multiple Advantages For Part Transport, Storage and Presentation


The new Cantilevered Arm Cart from Creform Corporation (Greer, SC) provides a versatile, cost-effective and ergonomic solution to many parts storage, transport and presentation challenges.  It features two levels of sturdy cantilevered arms that can be used as shelves to support long parts. And for parts that feature large internal openings, the arms extend through those openings for secure transport.  .  By handling the part directly there is no packaging to deal with, which improves operator efficiency and reduces waste.
The bottom frame of the load/unload side of the cart features an opening so that associates using the cart can literally step in where the parts are stored. This offers an ergonomic advantage since minimal reaching is required and associates can be properly positioned to handle heavy loads. The inherently open design of the cart lets users see through the structure for safe transport. This also makes it easy to visually inventory the contents of the cart from either side.
Each of the cart’s two levels can be repositioned, or the whole cart can be customized with only simple tools. That’s because the cart is created using Creform’s heavy-duty 42 mm pipe for high loading capacity, part of the Creform System of plastic coated steel pipes, joints                    
and accessories that allows users to customize structures for specific applications using only simple tools. Various color options along with additional components allow users to customize carts further with hooks, label holders, shelves to handle small parts, etc. The carts can also be configured using static protective ESD pipes and joints for conveyance of sensitive electronics.
Creform offers the Cantilevered Arm Cart as a kit with components ready for user assembly, or as a completed, assembled structure. It has a 44” x 52” footprint with a capacity of 425 pounds, though higher capacities, cart sizes and configurations are possible.
The new cart is equipped with four 5” large diameter casters with urethane wheels for easy, stable and safe rolling. Two fixed casters provide easy directional control and two swivel casters feature brakes for secure positioning.
The Cantilevered Arm Cart can be outfitted with a hitch for towing or, with the addition of a bolt-on Creform AGC unit, turned into a cost effective and rapidly deployed AGV.  Creform AGVs are low cost and non-interruptive with no need to dig up floors because the vehicles follow an adhesive-backed magnetic tape guidepath.
Creform structural components are used to create an array of material handling devices, including push and trailer carts, flow racks, roller conveyors, hinged shelf carts, tilting racks, workstations, and rolling tool cribs. The Creform System is a proven component in continuous improvement and Lean Manufacturing programs, and Creform Corporation partners with customers in developing and implementing these programs.

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