Capsula Control Valves


Mead's Capsula Valves work long and hard even when subjected to dirty air.  Their unique patented bi-lobed seals are wear compensating, self cleaning, and are completely retained to prevent extrusion.  All 1/4" models (C2) are mounted on a single side ported sub-base.  Any valve module may be separated from its base in seconds without disturbing the piping.  1/2" valve modules (C5) are mounted on side ported sub-bases.

Manual Overrides

1/4" solenoid valves with standard conduit entry (DC suffix models) have built-in non-locking manual overrides at no extra charge.


Capsula valves are available in 2-position and 3-position functions.  A wide variety of actuator styles are available including single and double air piloting, hand lever operators, and single and double solenoid piloting.

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