Carr Lane Simplex Hammers


FEATURES: Design your own custom hammers. These soft-face mallets can be customized for specific applications by selecting the proper hammer inserts. Choose the same type of insert for both sides, or build a multi-purpose hammer with a different type of insert for each face. The Simplex system uses a patented hammer housing with 3-point clamping that ensures a safe hammer assembly. Made in Germany.


SIZES: Available in four sizes (face diameters) — see Dimensions page for part numbers. Hammer weight varies with the types of inserts chosen:

 30mm (1.18")   0.7-0.9 lbs
 40mm (1.57")   1.3-1.6 lbs
 50mm (1.96")   2.4-3.0 lbs
 60mm (2.36")   2.8-4.3 lbs

INSERTS: Wooden-handle Simplex Hammers are available with a choice of seven different insert materials:

 Type A Blue Thermoplastic (Soft)
 Type B Gray Thermoplastic (Medium Soft)
 Type C Black Rubber (Medium Soft)
 Type D White Superplastic (Medium Hard)
 Type E Red Plastic (Hard)
 Type F White Nylon (Hard)
 Type G Soft Metal (Hard)

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Always wear safety goggles when using a hammer or any striking tool. Bystanders must also wear safety goggles. Never strike the hammer with or against another striking tool, hardened nail, or any other hard object that could cause damage. Chipping could occur, resulting in possible eye or other injury. Discard any chipped or damaged hammer. If assembling the hammer yourself, ensure that all parts are properly fitted into the handle housing and that the screw is tightened to the specified torque. Check hammer before each use. Using a hammer with loose or improperly fitted parts could result in serious injury. Use only genuine Simplex Hammer replacement components.

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