CartCaddy Powered Paper Roll Pusher


Battery Powered Paper Roll Pusher
The CartCaddy Powered Paper Roll Pusher is designed to push rolls of paper, products, and equipment that move in a straight line and roll on its own surface.

Applications of the Powered Roll Pusher
The CartCaddy Roll Pusher provides directional force while the facility's steering mechanism maintains the route of the cart. The CartCaddy™ Roll Pusher has been extremely successful in paper companies and wire spool applications.

Benefits of the Powered Roll Pusher
The CartCaddy™ Battery Powered Rollt Pusher is ergonomically designed to prevent the strains and pains often associated with manually pushing and pulling heavy carts and equipment. The use of the CartCaddy™ Battery Powered Cart Puller minimizes the risk of injury, which in turn reduces the overall number of workman's compensation and insurance claims.

Fork trucks, walkies and riding tugs are often utilized to maneuver carts and equipment short distances. These methods require considerable more storage space and are significantly more costly than the CartCaddy Battery Powered Roll Puller.

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