Cast Coil Transformers


WEG Electric has just released a complete line of cast coil transformers for the commercial and industrial (C&I) markets. These new transformers are designed to work under harsh operating conditions while reducing installation and maintenance costs. The cast resin design allows for higher short circuit strength and overload capacity coupled with a safe and environmentally friendly design. Built at WEG’s state of the art North American plants, these new transformers are available in ratings through 3,000 kVA with thermal insulation ratings up to class C (220°C). Lead times for WEG cast coil transformers is approximately 12 weeks after order, ex-works, or better.    

Key features include; a high resistance to short circuits and a high capacity to support overload, lower partial discharges, fire safe design, and reduced installation costs. Because the transformers are cast dry type, oil containment is not required. WEG manufactures these new cast coil transformers with a core of grain-oriented magnetic steel using a process that reduces losses, excitation current and magnetic noise. The low voltage coils are pre-impregnated with epoxy resin which provides an optimum coil insulation and high mechanical strength. Also all winding leads are mechanically anchored making them easily accessible for field maintenance. The high voltage coils are made of laminated foils and have a low partial discharge level and provide excellent resistance to axial forces caused by short circuits. These coils also display high resistance to load variations, changes in temperature, corrosive substances and fire. The new WEG cast coil transformer line is ideal for applications such as oil & gas plants, pulp & paper mills, food & beverage processing, wastewater treatment plants, wind farms, hospitals, airports, business centers and skyscrapers.


  •  work under harsh operating conditions
  • ratings through 3,000 kVA