Catalog On Filters for Cartridge, Bag & Panel Dust Collectors


Donaldson Company, Inc., leading supplier of industrial filtration equipment, has published a 132-pg catalog on replacement filters for dust collectors. It includes full data and specs on cartridge, bag, and panel filters for Donaldson Torit brand collectors, as well as for other popular brands.

“This is the most comprehensive filter catalog we’ve ever published,” explained Mike Casey, Director of North American Aftermarket Sales. “It includes full color filter selection guides with photos of every filter, as well as data tables showing media type, dimensions, gasket material, bag shape…and everything we think could be helpful to someone wanting to spec a filter.”

Donaldson Company, Inc. uses the brand name Donaldson Torit for its line of dust, mist, and fume collectors, and for its replacement filters. Donaldson Torit products are used worldwide in all types of manufacturing and process operations.

Donaldson Torit best-selling filters are those with:
· Ultra-Web® nanofiber technology (used in pleated cartridge filters)
· Dura-Life™ hydroentangled technology (used in filter bags)

Many specialty filters are also available with:
· Nomex® media for operating environments up to 400° F
· Oleophobic media that optimize performance in oily dust applications
· Epitropic dissipates static charge build-up where an explosive hazard exists
· PTFE ® Tetratex® membrane performs well in thermal and chemical applications

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