Catalytic Infrared Cure Ovens


Catalytic infrared cure ovens are ideally suited for the curing of paints, powders, adhesives and other materials, and provide highly efficient transfer of heat energy to parts manufactured from metal, polymers, and other substrates. The flameless, low-intensity infrared energy used in the Catalytic system heats objects, rather than air, so fuel efficiency is maximized.

Operation is simple and straightforward:  natural gas (or propane) contacts oxygen in the air in the presence of a catalyst.  The chemical interaction produces heat and reduces the gas to carbon dioxide and water vapor.  

There is no flame, because the reaction occurs at a temperature below the ignition temperature of gas.  And there’s no need for blowers or fans.

Catalytic infrared cure ovens are manufactured in batch and continuous-run formats, and are custom designed for greatest compatibility within the production line, and most efficient equipment footprint.  Systems are also engineered to production requirements, and curing specifications for waterborne, solvent-based and powder paint applications.

A Catalytic infrared heating system is easily conveyorized, or otherwise integrated with production lines. Start-up, commissioning and training can be supplied as part of any CIS installation.  Catalytic can also provides expert assistance with material handling up and downstream of the equipment.
Key features of the Catalytic Infrared Curing Oven include a purge cycle before start-up, compliance with NFPA 86, and pre-assembled PLC-controlled gas trains that include gas pressure regulators, high and low safety switches, and modulating gas valves. Heater zones are piped in loops for greatest uniformity of gas flow and pressure.  Oven and controls are fully assembled and tested before shipment.


  • flameless, low-intensity infrared energy
  • no need for blowers or fans
  • easily conveyorized
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