CELL-O Air Cushions


FP International, a leading manufacturer of sustainable packing solutions, has introduced the Green Family™ of environmental packing.   Flagship products include Green Family Super 8® loosefill and Green Family CELL-O® air cushions, which are 100 percent biodegradable in the presence of microorganisms.  Green Family products are cost effective, competitively priced and provide our “green” statement.
“Green Family is the next generation of sustainable packaging,” said Michael Kaminski, FP International Senior Vice President, worldwide engineering and R&D, “From manufacturing to disposal, Green Family products are made to perform with minimal carbon footprints.  For example, Green Family Super 8 is made from 100 percent recycled polystyrene and can be reused.  But should it end up in a landfill or in soil, Super 8 will decompose completely within nine to 60 months.”
Kaminski explained that microorganisms commonly found in soil help Green Family Super 8 and Green Family CELL-O break down.  “And unlike starch-based biodegradable loosefill, Super 8 does not attract rodents and won’t become sticky in humid conditions,” added Kaminski.
Kaminski also noted that Green Family Super 8 weighs less than starch loosefill, which reduces shipping costs and makes Super 8 a cost-effective packing option.  
Another benefit of Green Family Super 8 is its earth-friendly carbon footprint.   It requires significantly less energy to produce or recycle Super 8, and it also creates fewer air and water pollutants and green house gas emissions than  competitive paper products.
“For example, production of a cubic foot of Super 8 yields 83 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than the same amount of starch loosefill and 93 percent less emissions than crushed paper,” added Kaminski.
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